STIR pad Magazine Web October 2023

Colours, collages, and vibrancy ascribe Daria Zinovatnaya's universes of pleasing designs


At the crossroads of fluid, artistic expression and practical utility, where craftsmanship meets creativity, blooms functional art furniture. This avatar of furniture design goes beyond what is considered 'typical,' transforming commonplace objects into curiosity-inducing, utilitarian works of art. Here, the primary focus remains on functionality, guaranteeing that every item fulfils its intended purpose while appealing to the senses and provoking thought simultaneously.

In the same reign, Ukrainian designer Daria Zinovatnaya defines her works as a fusion of functional furniture and art, describing her design philosophy as such: “... furniture and home decor can be more than just utilitarian; they can also be expressive and artistic. My designs push the boundaries of traditional design concepts, encouraging viewers to think differently about the objects that surround them."


The furniture designer draws inspiration from the harmonious interplay of soft-edged geometries and pleasing colours. Her artistic method is akin to that of creating elaborate visual collages, where she deftly puts together different shapes, and layers them on top of each other. New forms appear within this complex layering, each serving as a canvas for her expression. Zinovatnaya meticulously refines these forms, omitting parts and adding minute details to create a sense of harmony and balance in her interior designs. Her primary skill lies in the deft application of colour and accents, which ascribe her product designs vitality while enabling them to become striking representations of her own design philosophy. “I like to come up with entirely new products. Owing to my love of experimentation, sometimes there are difficulties in the production of products. But we always find a compromise and adjust the product for its best implementation,” shares the Ukrainian interior designer.

Typically, Zinovatnaya's creative process begins with an investigation of abstract and avant-garde design ideas. Her distinctive style generally welcomes non-traditional forms and shapes, which gently distinguishes her works from the conventional. However, Zinovatnaya truly emerges as a creative in her exquisite use of colour—she embraces colour as a tool to create striking visual effects that evoke a range of emotions, to make daring design statements that establish her work as a showcase for creative ability and innovation. From playful lighting designs to colourful tables and chair designs, the product designer also strives to use eco-friendly materials for her collections.


“My design philosophy is rooted in bold aesthetics and innovation. My products, characterised by abstract and avant-garde designs, vivid colours, and the use of unconventional materials, reflect my commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional design norms and exploring new, innovative ideas. In my work, I always strive to use only eco-friendly materials. Now there are more and more different materials on the market, which gives more opportunities for experiments,” she reiterates.

Zinovatnaya's delightful universes of designs stand as vivid testimonies to her free-spirited creative soul. Her innovative designs which combine creative expression with useful functionality, turn ordinary objects into appealing works of art. Through her imaginative use of unconventional shapes and forms and her use of environmentally friendly materials, the architectural designer not only subverts design conventions but also promotes sustainability.