IGNANT Web September 2018

The Flawless And Daring Interior Design

Of Daria Zinovatnaya



Ukranian industrial and interior designer Daria Zinovatnaya creates furniture, interiors and architectural concepts, combining bold colors and geometric shapes to create extraordinary mid-century projects.


What makes Zinovatnaya’s designs unique is that she combines simple forms with unusual execution, brought together by layering bold colors and shapes that complement, rather than overwhelm. Further to this, when the designer is commissioned for a project, she conceives not just a single item but rather the entire space: wall art, chairs or couches, lighting design, rugs, furnishings, and floor and ceiling patterns. The designer who is based in Saint Petersburg is inspired by varied renowned architect and designer names, including Matisse, Le Corbusier, Eileen Gray and Charlotte Perriand. Zinovatnaya starts her process by feeling first with color: “Beginning any of my works, I experiment with color, choose [the] palette, and then I start to play with colors and objects to find the balance”, she explains. Her daring approach to design is both eccentric and modern and sits outside of what the widespread interior design industry showcases.