Boca Do Lobo Web February 2018

The Colorful Universe of Interior Designer Daria Zinovatnaya

Daria Zinovatnaya is a Ukrainian Interior Designer with a colorful and surprisingly bright universe and she creates apartments, hotels, and restaurants. She is also an industrial designer, she won in 2017 a Reddot Award for her bold furniture design collection.

Daria’s interior design projects include the exact dose of design trends and innovation in order to be recognized as extraordinary.

“I was curious to try myself in the design of various products, at the moment the emphasis I put on furniture, accessories and lighting design. I was interested to see how my ideas will resonate with other people, whether they are interesting to the consumer. ”

“The main task of my work is to use color and different shapes, combine them and create something extraordinary. Very important part of the work is detailed because they can support the whole composition and give her a completely different effect.”

The creative universe in which Daria Zinovatnaya emerges is modern and eccentric on the edges of what we usually see in terms of interior design and architecture.

“All the works I try to make unique and inspiring. My inspiration I find from works in the design of the mid-20th century.”  She has already shown us no fear of color or being different and the desire to go beyond the limits is felt strongly in her projects.

For her new collection ITTEN – Composed of furniture and luminaires. The designer focused on the search for new forms, elements that you, and that she herself has not already seen.  This style is in particular from an extensive study of The Bauhaus School and the work of Le Corbusier.